AMP Pages

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google started a new initiative in February 2016 – the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, and added AMP listings to mobile search results.

AMP pages load on average four times faster, often instantly, and use ten times less data than non-AMP mobile pages, so they really are much faster. “Mobilegeddon” brought about the Google’s pushing down websites that weren’t mobile optimized, in its quest to provide the best possible experience for users.

Why Does AMP matter?

Speed matters, especially on the mobile web where bandwidth can be limited and users’ attention is in short supply. When pages are slow to load they lose patience and go to the next site. According to Google, 40% will abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, and mobile sites can take 8 seconds or longer to load. Impressively, AMP pages are loading up to 85% faster than their regular counterpart.

How will AMP affect Your search rankings?

AMP pages are getting a boost in Google’s mobile search results. We know since “Mobilegeddon” last year that not having a mobile-friendly website is a factor that makes a difference with rankings, with sites that pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test ranking higher. Another ranking signal, since 2010, has been how fast a website loads.

Now Google is hinting that even though AMP is not affecting rankings now, it will soon, with their comment “at the moment, it is not a ranking signal”. They have stated that loading speed is a major factor in determining which sites show higher in the results. So it makes sense that AMP pages, initiated by Google themselves and designed to load fast and give a better user experience, would be given a serious boost in rankings.

When you look at search results you can see that Google has included a little green lightning bolt symbol next to AMP sites, alerting users that it is a lightning fast page.

How Will AMP Affect Paid Search Results?

Now that Google has eliminated page ads on the right side of the page, ad space is at a premium with fewer spots and more competition. Businesses who want to pay their way to the top will need to pay attention to the quality of their site and the speed at which it loads in order to secure top spots. Brands that provide AMP may also see better paid search impressions.

How Does AMP work?

AMP is a framework for building mobile pages that are stripped of almost everything but the content. The result is a lightweight version of HTML that loads almost instantly. It gives less design with faster speed.

To have AMP, there will need to be a pared down page version that meets the AMP Project specifications. So there will need to be three versions of a page – the original, the mobile-optimized version, and the AMP version.

Here you can see how AMP looks on a mobile device.
Amp Page

Why you should AMP Your Website

Mobile users are going to quickly be spoiled after using pages that load instantly on sites with AMP. As a result of that experience they are going to want:

  • Pages that load instantly
  • No ads
  • No pop ups
  • Content with no other distractions

Over 60% of all searches are done on a mobile device, showing a much stronger buying intent. Every time your website takes more than 3 seconds to load on their mobile device, a potential customer and sale opportunity is lost when they abandon it and move to a competitor.

That is bad news for users trying to access what they want online and for the businesses that want the searchers to access their information. Fast loading pages will promote more sales by helping customers have a good experience with their brand.

Get AMP Today

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